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Github-Organization Integration Set-Up Guide
Github-Organization Integration Set-Up Guide
Connecting Github Organization with Intello
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We integrate directly with Github Organization, enabling you to view:

  • Github Organization License utilization

  • Active & inactive users

To connect with Github Organization, make sure you are logged in to Github Organization with an Organization Admin account. We need Admin account access to view the usage data of Github Organization users. Head to this page and click Add Integration. When you click Add Integration, you'll see the following screen: here you need to input your Organization Login. Your organization login is the account name of your Organization, this is the name of your Github Organization as it appears on your Github dashboard.

Once you click Submit, you'll see the following screen.

Click learn more so you can see what aspects of your Organization Intello is requesting access to, and approve that access.

Click install to add the app to your organization.

In this screen, we ask you to access your Github Organization account.

Click install and authorize to see your data.

We only ask for read-only scopes and no access to code for your Github Organization. In order to see the events on your pull requests and issues as well as your user data, we ask for the limited read-only scopes above.

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