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GitHub Enterprise Integration Data Access
How does the integration pull data and does it get access to code?
Written by Dave Owens
Updated over a week ago

The first thing to note: the integration does not get access to any code or commit data. Intello does not want to pull any of this data into our system.

The integration pulls:


All enterprise members


Intello pulls in organization repository events based on issues and prs. The reason we do it this way is so that we do not get access to commit data.

To do so we have to do the following:

  • Find all GitHub organizations

  • For each organization find each repo id + name for the organization

Access Control - roles & assignments

Pulls in all the roles and role assignments assigned to users through the GitHub integration

  • List all organizations - generate a role for each organization

  • List members with roles to find out which roles users have

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