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GitHub Enterprise Integration Authentication
GitHub Enterprise Integration Authentication
Authenticating your GitHub Enterprise account with Intello
Written by Dave Owens
Updated over a week ago

To connect with GitHub Enterprise, make sure you are logged into GitHub Enterprise with an Enterprise Admin account. We need Admin account access to view the usage data of GitHub Enterprise users.

Head to the GitHub Enterprise page (link) and click Add Integration. When you click Add Integration, you'll see the following screen:

You will need two pieces of information

  1. Host Name

  2. Enterprise Account Name (Slug)

Host Name

Depending on how your GitHub Enterprise is setup this can have different values.

If you use Github Enterprise Cloud - you can just enter as the value.

If you use Github Enterprise On Premise - you will need to enter the full hostname of your Github installation.

Enterprise Account Name

This is the name of your GitHub Enterprise as it appears on your GitHub Dashboard.

In order to find this value go to your Github Settings page. There you will see your nav an Enterprises Link. If you do not see that enterprises link it means you are probably not part of Github Enterprise Cloud.

Click on that link. You will now see the name of your enterprise in the middle of the screen.

Take the name value and copy that over into Intello.

NOTE: The step below is confusing and you will need to click on the Learn more about Intello GitHub Enterprise. We understand this is not straight forward and not an ideal setup.

Once you click Submit, you will be taken to the following screen:

Click on: Learn more about Intello GitHub Enterprise

You will then be taken to a new screen where you should click: Install & Authorize.

That screen includes a list of permissions that Intello requests:

Repository permissions

  • Issues, read only- this is needed to get issue related events

  • Metadata, read only- this is a mandatory permission associated with all github apps

  • Pull Requests, read only - this is needed to get pull request related events

Organization Permissions

  • members, read only- this is needed to list the users in the organization

NOTE: Intello does not get access or request access to your code or commits.

That will grant Intello permission to Intello to connect to your Github Enterprise account.

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