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Google SSO Setup Instructions
Google SSO Setup Instructions

Connecting Intello to your Google SSO

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NOTE: Super Admin permissions are required

1. Navigate to your Google Admin (link)

2. Select: Apps

3. Select: SAML Apps

4. Select the "+" button to create a new SAML application

5. Select: Setup My Own Custom App

6. Copy the SSO URL, download the certificate and select: Next

7. For Application Name enter "Intello". You may also optionally include Intello's logo for the new SAML application. Select: Next.

8. Navigate to Intello SAML settings (link) and copy down the Audience as well as the Recipient URL

9. Enter the Recipient URL into the ACS URL field. Enter Audience into the Entity ID field. For Name ID select Primary Email. For Name ID Format Select Email and then select Next

10. Select: Add New Mapping

11. Enter "email" for the attribute name, and then select "Basic Information" from the 2nd drop down and then "Primary Email" for the dropdown in the third column. Then select: Finish

12. Select: OK

13. Go back to the Admin (link)

14. Click on Security

15: Select: Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAML applications

16. Copy down the SSO URL and the entire certificate

17. Enter those values back into Intello (link) and then select Add SSO Connection

SAML will be enabled now. You can enable access for departments/users at this link.

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