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Deleting an Integration Instance
Deleting an Integration Instance
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Intello allows you to delete integration instances. For example, if you integrated an instance that you no longer want or wanted to change who handles the integration, you can delete an integration instance.

When you delete an integration instance, this will set the integration users to no longer being reported in Intello anymore. This is important so that you do not have dangling integration users throughout the Intello system, that we no longer fetch or report data on anymore.

Removing those users from the reporting is a safe operation because:

  • If you’re removing the instance, we cannot fetch any data and so all that data will no longer be stale in your Intello instance

  • If you re-integrate the instance, all those users will be re-imported and be available to you in Intello reporting

In order to delete an instance, go to your integrations page and click on the integration that you want to delete an instance from.

Then click on the three dots in the integration instance row:

Then click on the Delete Instance button:

You will then see a modal confirming that you cannot undo this action and that you want to mark all the associated users to not show in reporting.

In order to delete the instance, you must click on: understanding that this action cannot be undone.

It can take a few minutes before the users have been marked as removed and removed from your reporting. That’s because all the user processing happens in the background.

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