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Intello's Workflow Engine allows you to take the data in your Intello account and push that to you, or any other recipient in your organization.

This data is sent via Slack. The integration with Slack allows you to specify the Slack recipients; those recipients will then receive a Slack notification at a cadence you set.

You can specify any user in your Slack workspace to receive the notification, including users who do not have access to Intello.


Step 1: Authenticate with Intello's Slack integration

In order to use Intello's Slackbot, you must already be using Intello's Slack integration to pull in usage insights into Intello. If you have not already done so, here is the link to integrate Slack.

Step 2: Authenticate with Intello's Slackbot

At the end of creating a Workflow in Intello, you will be triggered to authenticate with Intello's Slackbot.

Click on the Authorize Intello Slackbot in order to authorize with Slack.

You will be prompted to accept the Intello Slackbot permissions. Intello requires the ability to perform actions in channels and conversations in order to be able to push data to you.

  • Send messages as @intello2 - allows Intello to send Slack messages as Intello directly to users.

  • Start direct messages with people - allows Intello to send direct messages to users. This allows you to specify any user in your Slack workspace to receive a notification from Intello.

Click Allow and you will be able to select any user in your Slack workspace to receive the notification(s).

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