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Integration Statuses and Token Status

Intello supports numerous integrations across usage, spend, and compliance. During the course of everyday wear and tear, integration tokens can become invalidated or you may have inactivated integration instances in Intello.

There are two ways an integration can be set to inactive:

  1. A user inactivated an integration

  2. Intello auto-revokes tokens

When an integration is inactivated, Intello stops syncing data for that integration. Your Intello data for that integration becomes stale and we show messages throughout the application highlighting that the data is out of date.

We show you those messages to encourage you to fix the integration, so that it can enter a good state and Intello is not misreporting your data.

When a user inactivates an integration you will see warning messages throughout the site.

When Intello auto-revokes a token you will see danger messages throughout the site instructing you how to fix the integration.

1. User Inactivated a Token

A user can inactivate an Intello integration and they may do this for a number of reasons.

When you inactivate a token in Intello you will be informed throughout the Intello application that your token is inactive and that the integration data is stale.

When your integration is inactive and it stops syncing data, your integration token is valid, but the data may be out of date. Since your token is valid, to resync the integration, set the instance status to Active.

2. Intello Auto-Revokes Tokens

Intello attempts to automatically set instances to inactive in 2 situations:

I. The token is inactive

II. The token doesn’t have sufficient permissions

In both situations Intello cannot sync data from an integration anymore, the integration will be stale, and the situation needs to be resolved.

I. Inactive Token

A token can be marked as inactive for a variety of reasons, for example, the user who authenticated left the company or someone accidentally revoked the token.

When your integration token is not able to sync data, Intello automatically inactivates the instance due to the token being revoked. When the integration is inactive due to its token being revoked, your data may be out of date.

In order to fix it you can take the following actions:

  1. Set Users to Inactive - Click the ‘Delete All Users’ button to set your users to Inactive. This will ensure we don’t report on data for these users.

  2. Delete Instance - Click on ‘Delete Instance’ to delete the integration instance and hide that data.

  3. Re-enable Instance - Set the Integration Status to ‘Active’. This will attempt to re-sync the data.

Intello recommendation: to resolve the integration, we recommend you delete the instance, which will remove all the users from the instance. Then reintegrate the integration.

II. Insufficient Permissions

When you authenticate an integration with Intello, Intello attempts to discover in real-time if you have all the permissions you need to authenticate and reject the authentication if you don’t.

However, sometimes a user’s permissions change, or Intello only finds out after an integration sync has started that it doesn’t have all the permissions.

When Intello identifies that an API token has insufficient permissions, Intello will automatically inactivate the integration instance and mark the token status as inactive. This prevents Intello from continuing to try to sync an integration it cannot pull from.

In order to fix it you can take the following actions:

  1. Re-enable Instance—Update the status to “Active” to prompt the resyncing process. This may not always work without fixing the underlying issue first.

  2. Set Users to Inactive—Click the ‘Delete All Users’ button to set your users to Inactive. This will ensure that we do not report on data for those users moving forward.

  3. Delete Instance—Click on ‘Delete Instance’ to delete the integration instance and hide that data.

Intello recommendation - to resolve the integration, you can fix the user's permissions to be able to sync data. If you cannot, delete the instance and then have a user with the correct permissions reintegrate. If you are not sure what permissions are missing please feel free to reach out to Intello support.

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