Zendesk Integration
Connecting Zendesk to Intello
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We integrate directly with Zendesk, enabling you to view:

  • Zendesk license utilization

  • Active & inactive users

To connect with Zendesk, make sure you are logged in to Zendesk with an Admin account. We need Admin account access to view the usage data of Zendesk users.

Head to the Zendesk integration page and click Add Integration.

When you click Add Integration, you'll see the following screen:

Here you need to input your workspace name.

You can find your workspace name in your Zendesk Admin Overview page, on the top right corner - the workspace name is the domain name shown without the ".zendesk.com" at the end. For example, for "intello-example.zendesk.com" the workspace name will be: "intello-example".

Once you click Submit, you'll see the following screen.

In this screen we ask to access your Zendesk account.

We ask to read all user data which will provide you with Zendesk license utilization reporting, including active & inactive users.

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