A note before we get started:

  1. You must have a Web Services Subscription to Concur (we will show you how to confirm it's set up below)

Step 1: Confirm Web Services Subscription

In the upper right hand corner click Administration > Company > Web Services. If you don't see Web Services, please reach out to Intello support.

Step 2: Email Concur Support

Email your Concur support rep asking for your Web Service credentials and include the email addresses that should receive the credentials. Confirm that you do not need a consulting call and just need to receive the credentials. 

A sample email: 

Hi Concur, 

I would like to enable API access to my Concur instance.

Can you please send me the web services credentials. I do not need a consulting call, only the credentials themselves.

Thank you,

Your Concur rep will then email you those credentials. Note: Concur has a policy to not email the credentials to anyone outside of your organization. 

Step 3: Copy Credentials into Intello: 

Head to Intello - link and copy the credentials into Intello: 

Please copy the following into Intello:

  • Client ID from the Concur doc to Intello's Client ID
  • Secret ID from the Concur doc Intello's Client Secret
  • Username from the Concur doc to Intello's Username
  • Password from the Concur doc to Intello's Password
  • Region: this should match the region in the Authorization URL in Concur and be one of US, CN, or EMEA

After you enter the credentials hit Submit. It can take up to 24 hours for your SaaS spend to sync. We will send you an email when your data is live in the dashboard.

Note: the integration document outlined above is Concur's new process and is slightly different to the original integration. We don't love this setup and would prefer if you can do it all through the dashboard via OAuth, but this is Concur's new process and currently they do not support any other method to integrate. 

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