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Intacct Role Based Permissions
Intacct Role Based Permissions
Intacct Role Based Permissions Setup
Written by Dave Owens
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If you have Role-based permissions in Intacct: 

Step 1: Add a role

Navigate to the Company tab and click the plus icon next to Roles:

Click Add so we can add a new Role for Intello.

In the Name field, add a name for the role (this can be Intello). You can't change this name after you save the role. Optionally, enter a description for the role.

Click Save. 

The Roles Subscriptions page appears: 

Click the Permissions link for Accounts Payable. 

A new window will load. Make sure to check List and View for Bills, List and View for Vendors:

Then Click Save

Click the Permissions link for Company: 

A new window will load. Make sure to check List and View for Departments:

Then Click Save. 

Click the Permissions link for Administration:

 A new window will load. Make sure to check List and View for Users:

Then Click Save to Save the new Role

Step 2: Create Intello user

This is the user that will authorize the connection between  and Intacct. Navigate to the Company tab, and select Web Services Users:

Then click the Add Button

Now you will enter information to setup the user to connect to Intello.

User ID: This should be "XML_Gateway_Intello" to identify the user role that will facilitate the integration (this needs to be unique!).

First and Last Name: This can be "Intello" and "Intello" - again, we're just creating this role specifically for the purposes of the integration, and this information must be unique to this user.

Email address: Please note that you will need access to this email address, but the email address also can't overlap with any other email address tied to a previous user in Intacct. If your email is hosted by gmail, you can add a unique identifier to the address by adding a plus sign (i.e. [email protected])

Click the Roles Information tab and select the Intello role you just created: 

Then click on the Roles Information link

Add the Intello role you previously created: 

Then Click on the User Entities link

Add each Entity that you want to sync into Intello.

Then click the Save and New button

Step 3: Enter the Information to Intello

Check your email! You should have received an email with some important identifying information:

Head to Intello and copy those credentials into Intello: 

After you enter the credentials hit Submit. It can take up to 24 hours for your SaaS spend to sync. We will send you an email when your data is live in the dashboard.

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