Step 0: Gather Oracle Cloud info

In this step you will gather the items necessary for accessing the My Services dashboard of your Oracle cloud account. If you already have access to this page, you can proceed directly to Step 1. Otherwise, follow this link to sign into your oracle cloud account:

You have several options as how to access the My Services dashboard, and they depend on your specific Oracle configuration.

If you know your Oracle cloud account name, You can enter it directly into the account field above and select Next, and then proceed directly to the next step.

If your account requires that you specify a data center when logging in, select Sign In using Traditional Cloud Account. On the ensuing view, enter your data center and select Next.

Enter your Identity Domain, and select Go

Enter in your credentials, and then select Sign In

If you are able to access your cloud account, you may proceed to the next step. If not, you also have the option of having Oracle email your account info to your email address. To do so, select Click Here next to Need Help Logging In?

On the ensuing page, enter your Oracle email and enter the text from the picture into the Type what you see box, and then select Submit.

After about 10 minutes, Oracle will send you an email containing your account information. It will contain a link to the cloud dashboard. Follow that link, and proceed to the next step.

Step 1: Log into your company's cloud dashboard

Via a web browser, log into your company's cloud dashboard.

Expand the left pane, and then select My Services.

Step 2: Navigate to Oracle Identity Cloud

From the My Services dashboard, select Users

Then select Identity Console

Step 3: Go to the Applications

Step 4: Select + Add

Step 5: Select Confidential Application

6. Create a New Application 

We recommend entering a name of Intello for the application so you can easily identify the application

Click the Next Button

Step 5: Configure the Application

Select Configure this application as a client now and a new page with options will appear.

  • For Allowed Grant Types select Client Credentials, Refresh Token and Authorization Code.

Then Select Next

Step 6: Configure the Resources of the application

Select Configure this application as a resource server now

  • For Access Token Expiration enter: 86,400
  • Check Refresh Token allowed
  • For Refresh Token Expiration enter: 1,209,600
  • For Primary Audience enter: the url to your Oracle ERP instance

Then click the add Scopes button. Enter "/" as the value and Select Add

Step 7: Complete Application Registration, 

Click next and next again. Click Finish to finish creating the application

Step 8: Copy the Application Data to Intello

After you finish creating your application you should be redirected to the Application Info Page. 

Click the Configuration link at the top of the page

Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret for use in Intello. You will need to click Show Secret to see the Oracle secret

Step 9: Enter your credential in Intello

  • For IDCS URL enter your company’s Oracle Identity Cloud url. It should be of the form https://idcs-{UNIQUE_ID}
  • Oracle Financial Cloud URL is the same URL that you entered for the audience above
  • For Client ID and Client Secret enter in the values from step 11 that you recorded.

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