We integrate directly with Salesforce, enabling you to view: 

  • Salesforce license utilization
  • Active & inactive users

To connect with Salesforce, head to the Salesforce integration and click Integrate.

When you click Integrate you'll see the following screen:

We ask to: 

  • Access your basic information - allows Intello to access your name, email and salesforce information 
  • Access and manage your user data - allows Intello to read all your users and their login history. 
  • Perform requests on your behalf at any time - allows Intello to make background API requests on your behalf to fetch data nightly

We do not:

  • Interact with CRM data - the only API's we interact with for your users are "LoginHistory" and "Users."  We do not interact with your CRM data.  

Click authorize and Intello will start syncing your Salesforce instantly. 

Note: Due to limitations in Salesforce itself we're able to pull in only the last 6 months of usage data. However, once we start fetching data we will continuously fetch data every night ensuring an entire historical snapshot. 

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