Slack Integration
Connecting Slack to Intello
Written by Dave Owens
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We integrate directly with Slack, enabling you to view: 

  • Slack license utilization

  • Compliance and risk level of apps that have access to Slack

To connect with Slack, head to the Slack integration and click Integrate

When you click Integrate you'll see the following screen:

We ask to: 

  • Administer your workspace to view administrative information about your workspace including access logs - this enables you to view and manage all active and inactive users

  • Access your workspace's profile information - this enables you to view all users in your organization 

Click authorize and Intello will start syncing your Slack instantly. 

Note: unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how many months back of data we will be able to pull in from Slack. Due to limitations in Slack itself we may be able to pull in your entire Slack history or only the past few months. This is entirely dependent on the size of your Slack organization. 

However, once we start fetching data we will continuously fetch data every night ensuring an entire historical snapshot. 

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