Okta Integration
View usage data for all your Okta integrated SaaS applications
Written by Dave Owens
Updated over a week ago

We integrate directly with Okta's REST API so that you can identify unused licenses and optimize your SaaS usage. The integration takes approximately 5 minutes. 

A couple of points before we get started:

  • You must be an admin of your Okta account

  • Please have immediate access to your Okta account (integration includes generating keys)

Step 1: Go to the Okta API Page

From your Okta admin account go to the API Page: under Security -> API

Step 2: Head to the Token Page

From the API Page click the Tokens tab

Step 3: Add a new token

Click create Token

Name your token something descriptive. We recommend "Intello Integration".

After creating the token you will see a page that shows you the Token. NOTE: you will only be shown this Token once, so do not close the screen till completing the following steps.

Copy the token to your clipboard

Head back to your Intello dashboard and copy the token:

Then type in your Okta domain. Your Okta domain is the base domain you use to access Okta. 

Click Optimize Your SaaS Usage and you're good to go! The Okta sync may take a few minutes to complete depending on how big your organization is, but you will start seeing data in real time.

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